... sad terrier dog or a puzzled man (with a big nose)

Since I've arrived in the UK, mind you that was last millenium (1988), I worked as a freelancer and I've held full-time positions for selective companies in the UK and abroad.

I am constantly working on expanding my knowledge and expertise regarding all things design & digital.

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What's cookin'

I do digital design mainly which makes me drink coffee occasionally (even though I'm a tea-total)... and for some reason every time I make myself a cup of that brew I take a snapshot so that I can predict the future by looking at the frothy pattern. See if you can spot something in the cup above that might put me on a straight and narrow path.

My Clients Say:

Royal Opera House

I think they are all singing: "Thank you Petar"

David Wardrop, UNA Westminster
James Lascelles

This is exactly what I had in mind, thank you ever so much Petar!

James Lascelles, Musician
Niko Barakokula

Thank you for setting up my online balloon shop... now who's going to deliver them :-)

Niko Barakokula, Oscar's Den

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